Commercial and residential roofing

Installation and repair services; metal, shingles, membrane, and coating systems

Natural Disasters

Wind, Storm, Hail, and Ice Restoration on homes and commercial properties

Siding & Gutters

Roofing, Siding, and Gutter replacements and installation.

24/7 Emergency Services

Storm damage, flooding, and troubleshooting

Rissler All - Weather Roofing & Repairs


Laurence Rissler


Laurence Rissler, Rissler All-Weather Roofing & Repairs Owner.

Laurence is a graduate of South Cove Mennonite School. He was an active member of the Southern Cove Volunteer Fire Department and an Emergency Medical Technician at Southern Cove Emergency Medical Services, helping with many fundraisers and emergency calls.

His other work history was working with his father, John Rissler first on the dairy farm at an early age and then at the family business, Beaver Creek Building Supply, which opened in 1995 as a metal roofing, pole building material supplier, and general contractor. Laurence started with helping pick orders and loading trucks then eventually moved into estimating and sales for the construction side.

In April 2009 after working evenings and weekends on his construction projects for several years, Laurence officially started his roofing company and continues to grow and improve the company’s services and processes. Laurence enjoys serving God, being a husband, and is the father of 5 children.

Bryce Woodring

Project Manager

Bryce Woodring is a Project Manager at Rissler All-Weather Roofing & Repairs. Bryce is responsible for supervising construction projects, quality control, and hauling dump trailers. He is our eyes in the field, keeping things running smoothly.

Bryce grew up on a dairy farm in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. He is passionate about diesel trucks and loves pulling competitions. At the age of 15, he built a truck from parts so he had one to drive when he was old enough to drive. He is our go-to guy handling vehicle maintenance, oil changes, etc.

Bryce says: “I work here to be a part of building the world.”

Brandon Defibaugh


Brandon Defibaugh is a lead Salesman at Rissler All-Wether Roofing & Repairs. Brandon provides people with a service that is fast and easy. Brandon inspects every job and makes sure all clients are informed on everything Rissler All-Wether Roofing & Repairs can offer.

Rissler All-Wether Roofing & Repairs company’s mission is to take problems and create permanent solutions.

Brandon takes those problems and creates a picture so clients can easily understand and gives them the tools that will help to protect one of the biggest investments that they are ever going to make.

Brandons personal mission is to make sure every client feels comfortable no matter if Rissler All-Wether Roofing & Repairs is the right fit for them or not.

Brandon intends to go above and beyond to make sure every single client is happy and satisfied.

Brandon grew up in the small town of New Enterprise where he graduated from the Northern Bedford School district. Brandon has a wife and two beautiful little boys, their names are Carcy, Kolby, and Koda.

Family means everything to Brandon and is happy to have them on this journey.

Outside of work Brandon loves to spend time with his family and go traveling. Brandon served in the United States Marines for five years and says  it was the best experience of his life. Brandon had the chance to live overseas for three years. Traveling is one of his favorite things to do.

If your on this page then we have to believe that you’re seeking help and Brandon firmly believes that here at Rissler All-Weather Roofing, we can provide you with an outstanding service that will benefit you and protect your investment in your home.

So what are you waiting for? Set your appointment today and let Rissler All-Wether Roofing & Repairs make life easy for you!

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